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Episode 28: GO

Mary X-mas!! Jessica comes back to talk about the non-traditional Christmas movie, "GO". Yes, this one night of mischief told 3 different ways, is a Christmas movie. Just go with it.

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Comes Up in Conversation:

  • Y2K scare

  • Raving in our 20s

  • Jess is so much cooler than me

  • Diane Krueger is cheating on Pacey!

  • Damn you Diane Kruger and Katie Holmes

  • My sister and Taye Diggs

  • Timothy Olyphant was at my wedding

  • A years worth of magazines

  • Damn you Amazon auto renew

  • All the Hedwig

  • Be the friend with a go bag

  • Don’t call off dead

  • Ryan Gosling

  • Our dogs wouldn't save us

  • The Expendables

  • "GO" Trailer

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