Episode 60: Cocktail w/Teeq Tequila

August 20, 2019

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Episode BONUS: 2015 Music Recap

January 5, 2016

DJ KK Hollywood joins Kahmeela to talk music in 2015. They dish on their favs, dream collaborations and what artists can fall in a whole and go away forever.


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Comes Up in Conversation:

  • Our Top 10 most played songs

  • Will Morris Day and the Time please perform Uptown Funk with Bruno?

  • Janet Jackson has nothing left to prove

  • New Music in 2015

  • Rediscoveries in 2015

  • "GImme Shelter" - Lisa Fischer with Rolling Stones  


  • TV and Music soundtracks

  • What is the meaning behind “Can’t Feel My Face”?

  • Our dream musical collaborations

  • The Wiz Live

  • Looking forward to in 2016

  • "WTF" - Missy Elliott







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